Guide: Marijuana Facility Licensing in Massachusetts

License Types


Residency Requirement

Social Equity Program

Other Barriers to Entry

How to Get Started

  1. Application of Intent: On this portion of the application, an applicant must disclose Persons or Entities Having Direct or Indirect Control in their application for licensure. Applicants are required to disclose whether any individuals or entities listed in the application are disclosed in any other existing license. Applicants must also disclose capital resources and the source of those capital resources as well as setting aside, through bond or escrow account, an amount of money sufficient to cover the winding down of the business. The applicant must also hold a community outreach meeting with the surrounding community and a host community agreement along with plans to abide by local ordinances and positively impact disproportionately harmed people.
  2. Background Check: This will include, but not be limited to, a review of Massachusetts and national criminal database records, involvement in other marijuana businesses, actions taken against any license or registration held by the individual or entity, and descriptions of civil, criminal, administrative, and disciplinary actions.
  3. Management and Operations Profile (“MOP”): This profile will need to include all of the standard business information including, but not limited to, bylaws, articles of organization, business identification numbers, and DBAs. It should also include a business plan, liability insurance plan, proposed timeline for operations, diversity plan, and summary of SOPs.



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